A discussion on riverboat casinos

Liquor-serving establishments in town can serve no later than 1 a. If the Town Council allows the casino to serve until 2 a. Allowing every other establishment in town to serve liquor until 2 a.

A discussion on riverboat casinos

Shame often overwhelms compulsive gamblers when they come into casino manager Denis Floge's office to reveal their gambling addictions. Problem gamblers often approach Floge, general manager of the Sky City Casino, an Indian property in New Mexico, to be placed on the casino's self-exclusion list.

The listing means the patron is asking to be banned from entering the casino. Those who join the program get removed from the casino's direct-marketing mailing lists, no longer receive casino credit and can't cash checks at the casino.

These self-exclusion programs are relatively new in the gambling industry, and therefore are a work-in-progress, said Carol O'Hare, executive director of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling.

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She didn't participate in the panel and was interviewed by telephone. Elements of these programs differ among the states that have them. Missouri created its program in It bans for life self-identified problem gamblers from entering riverboat casinos.

Excluded customers who try entering riverboat casinos can be arrested for trespassing. Nevada's two-year-old program does not go nearly that far.

A discussion on riverboat casinos

New Jersey's program, which started in September, allows problem gamblers to sign up for one year, five years or for life. Wexler said those who have a problem controlling their betting habits suffer from a progressive disease and will not be cured over a period of time. O'Hare, who spoke in favor of Missouri's lifetime ban when the state was drafting its program, has since back-tracked from her firm stance.

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The panel agreed that these programs are not a cure-all for problem gamblers, noting that the casino patron also must seek help from a clinic like Gamblers Anonymous. We are not promising to keep them out of the casino," said Kevin Mullally, chairman of the Missouri Gaming Commission.

Copher said the Nevada Gaming Control Board does not keep track of the number of people who have excluded themselves from Silver State casinos because each gaming operator keeps its own list. Casinos are not required to report these names to the state. O'Hare said it's unrealistic to expect a program in Nevada like those in Missouri or New Jersey because of the size of the industry in the Silver State.

Nevada has more than 2, gaming licenses," she said. Each business that holds a gaming license is required to post throughout its property the help-line for the Council on Problem Gambling.

A discussion on riverboat casinos

Since that went into effect two years ago, O'Hare said calls for help have doubled. She said the council receives about 3, calls per year.Gambling exists in every state, even Hawaii and Utah, where gambling is prohibited by law.

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But all gamblers are different. “Recreational” or “social” gamblers, for instance, buy the. A river cruise is a wonderful way to relax, watch the world drift by at a leisurely pace and explore the towns, cities and countryside of Europe and exotic destinations around the globe.

The week-old racketeering trial of Edwards, his son Stephen and five associates involves an alleged conspiracy to manipulate the riverboat casino licensing process, with the elder Edwards.

Donald J. Trump's casino empire has filed for bankruptcy protection after months of negotiations with bondholders over restructructuring a crushing debt. In other promotional gaffes, an Illinois riverboat casino lost a reported $, in one day with their "2 to 1 Tuesdays" that paid players 2 to 1 (the usual payoff is 3 to 2) on blackjack naturals, a scheme that gave players a 2% advantage.

Tropicana Entertainment Inc. of Las Vegas on Tuesday disclosed plans to sell its Horizon Vicksburg Casino in Mississippi to a group of investors.

The riverboat casino, with slot machines, also.

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