A discussion on the reasons and motives for marriage

To the contrary, the amendment imposes a special disability on those persons alone.

A discussion on the reasons and motives for marriage

There are four young couples featured in this story. Describe how the experiences of three of these couples relate to the story's major themes. The following two questions are designed to be asked in sequence.

Describe the themes of this story which relate to the society in which the story is set. Describe the themes of this story which relate to interpersonal relationships.

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Some themes relate to both the broader society and personal relationships. Do not include any themes that you discussed in your answer to the preceding question. Assume that after Mr. Collins proposed to Charlotte, but before she had accepted, she had discussed her plans with Elizabeth.

A discussion on the reasons and motives for marriage

What points would Charlotte have made in support of marrying Mr. Collins and what points would Elizabeth have made opposing such a marriage? The key point is that given the society she lived in and her condition in life, there was a lot of justification for Charlotte's decision to marry Mr.

She was older than Elizabeth and very near spinsterhood. She did not stand to inherit much money from her family. As unpleasant as Mr. Collins may be, she had no prospects of finding anyone better. Elizabeth would respond that a life of spinsterhood would be better than one as the wife of a man she didn't love, particularly Mr.

While Charlotte's marriage to Mr. Collins was disappointing to Elizabeth and something that she could not have handled, for Charlotte there were a lot to commend a marriage to Mr. Collins' letter to Mr.

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Bennet contains the following statement: Collins have in mind? What was ironic about the statement? What relationship does this irony have to at least two themes of the story?

Collins has in mind to marry one of the Bennet girls. He believed that he would be doing them a favor because: Bennet died and b because of his association with Lady Catherine de Bourgh, he thought that he had a better social status than the Bennets.

Collins sees marriage as an arrangement of property and social status in which young girls will jump at anything to marry someone with a secure income, good prospects, and better social status, he believes that he is doing the Bennets a favor.

Collins is an unpleasant man who has nothing to offer but his income and whatever social status he has. He knows that there are others more handsome and witty, but he thinks that what he has to offer will overcome those deficiencies.

Ironically, Elizabeth, the narrator, and the audience come to the opposite conclusion. The themes of the story that this irony refers to include: Elizabeth Bennet had many things to overcome before she found the man she wanted to marry.

Some of these were internal and some external.


Name four of them.One reason for the decline in marriages in the U.S. is that Americans increasingly expect to find _____ in marriage.

love _____ is a type of polygamy wherein a woman has multiple husbands. As you grapple with the issue, try to get a feel for the reasons and motives behind your spouse's chronic lateness.

Do you honestly believe that this behavior is driven by malice or a conscious intent to annoy or offend? See the discussion questions under MARRIAGE SHOULD BE FOR LOVE; NOT WEALTH OR SOCIAL STATUS 1.

When Darcy proposed to Elizabeth the first time, he told her of his pride and "His sense of her inferiority -- of its being a degradation -- of the family.

A discussion on the reasons and motives for marriage

Aug 12,  · Much of the discussion of the motives surrounding non-marriage must be anecdotal, therefore, relying on statistics to provide framework and perspective. The (creators of the) work may show a marriage of convenience in order to fit in with the period of the story being told or for other reasons - commonly characterisation or as a critique of the society which has forced such a marriage to happen, or as a cheap way to get two characters together without any of that dating and love nonsense.

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