Ethical issues of computer hacking

Ethical Hacking Code of Ethics: However, it has notable advantages and disadvantages, as well as professional and legal issues. Public Domain Hacking significantly affects the development of systems and networks.

Ethical issues of computer hacking

Discussion Questions The Kevin Mitnick case. This discussion focuses on how much of criminal Kevin Mitnick really is. What rules of ethics did Mitnick violate? Since there is no evidence that Mitnick intended to profit from his actions, should his transgressions be treated lightly?

How real was the harm to the other stakeholders? Is it necessary to punish Mitnick severely to deter others from copycat computer break-ins? You may also find it helpful to reread the discussion of ethical principles in Ch.

Can hacking be justified? Here are four justifications sometimes given for hacking. All information should be freeand if it were free, there would be no need for intellectual property and security. Break-ins illustrate security problems and cause them to be fixed. Hackers are doing no harm; they are just learning about how computer systems operate.

Hackers break into systems to watch for abuse and hold "Big Brother" at bay. How can you argue against each of these justifications?

Ethical issues of computer hacking

Are the arguments against them compelling? You may find it helpful to reread the discussion of ethical principles in Ch. Do you think that it can ever be an ethical act to write a virus?

Why or why not? Based upon one of the ethical theories we covered in Lecture 1, how could you reason to your answer to question 1? Is it unethical to induce others to perform unethical acts, specifically, unauthorized copying of copyrighted software.

Does it follow that organizing a virus-writing contest is also unethical? Is it ethical to write viruses for purposes of scientific research, such as understanding evolution of living organisms, or testing the theory of evolution?

If so,what safeguards should be applied to this research?

Who should enforce the safeguards?Published: Wed, 03 May This report deals in classifying and recognising the ethical issues in the case of Kevin Mitnick and his computer hacking history, also the matter that the accusations and the way FBI prosecuted his case was correct or wrong.

Is hacking ethical? The Computer Security Act of has received more notice since the Sept. 11 attacks. The act is a declaration by Congress that improving the security and privacy of. Computer Hacking and Ethics Brian Harvey University of California, Berkeley but who don't understand that breaking into a computer account raises the same ethical issues.

But the analogy still holds for us as adults.) In the computer culture, adults rarely take seriously the idea of belonging to a community. The social ideal is the self.

Ethical hacking can be used as a way to improve the security and integrity of the IT assets of organizations. However, it has notable advantages and disadvantages, as well .

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The ethics of Hacking a very substantial chapter on ethical issues.” high-end skills without a solid ethical foundation. “The academic computer security community has not yet.

Ethical Issues in the Workplace due to Hacking Statement of the Issue There is a new crime on the verge of being on America 's top ten crimes list, computer hacking.

Computer Hacking and Ethics