History of the pinata

Marco Polo discovered that the Mandarins made hollowed figures of cows, buffaloes and other animals and covered them with colored papers and ribbons for traditional festivities. He observed that each color had a meaning to the Chinese according to the celebration, such as the advent of the New Year. The hollowed figures were filled with seeds, to signify abundant harvests and ensuing prosperity. Marco Polo noted that when the Mandarins beat the figure with sticks also adorned with meaningful colorsthe seeds spilled on the ground.

History of the pinata

Marco Polo discovered the Chinese fashioning figures of cows, oxen or even buffaloes, covering them with colored paper and adorning them with harnesses and trappings to greet the New Year.

When they knocked the figure hard with sticks of various colors, seeds spilled forth. The remains were then burned and people gathered the ashes to bring good luck throughout the year.

History of the pinata

When the custom passed into Europe in the 14th century, it was adapted to the celebration of Lent. Later, ribbons, tinsel and fringed paper were added and wrapped around the pot. However the indigenous peoples already had a similar tradition.

Colorful feathers adorned the richly decorated pot, filled with tiny treasures.

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The missionaries ingeniously transformed these games for religious instruction. They covered the traditional pot with colored paper, giving it an extraordinary, perhaps fearful appearance.

The stick which is used to break the pinata represents and symbolizes love. It is supposed to destroy the sins by hitting and breaking the pinata into pieces.

As we come together to celebrate Cincy-Cinco, we honor a tradition that is over years old. Site design by Michael Jackaman.Tom Wanyandie "I was thinking about God and that he would protect us. With God in my head, I took that walking stick and beat the bear, then I shoved it down his throat.".

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History of the pinata

This Mexican tradition has been part of the culture for hundreds of years and was brought to the New. MORE INFORMATION Music of Mexico - Son, Ranchera, Mariachi Mexican History Timeline Brief history and timeline and comparison to the rest of the world. Other Mexican Crafts: Enchanted Learning Software's Paper Bag Monster Pinata Craft More Crafts.

A simple-to-make pinata made from a paper bag and tissue paper.

History of the piñata : Mexico Culture & Arts