How and why should oldtown berhad

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How and why should oldtown berhad

Who built Oldtown and why? I will also build a case as to who built Hightower. I have said that themes pretty much follow the same lines of thought and then abruptly they take a degree turn to differentiate it so as not to violate copyright infringement.

Oldtown where the Citadel and Hightower can be found. In the whole world, surely. The island was nearly ten miles long, and except for public parks and private gardens—and the Ogier Groveof course—the city covered every square foot of it. At that time, Ogierwho had taken up stonemasonry after the Breakinghad become the finest of all at the craft.

Even in modern times many of these structures still stand as a tribute to their art. It took years of uninterrupted construction to build Tar Valon, until AB.

It is believed to be the first major city built after the Breaking. At the least, it was the first among those surviving today.

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It was the first thing anyone approaching the city saw, long before they could make out the city itself. The heart of Aes Sedai power, that alone was sufficient to mark Tar Valon apart, but other, smaller towers rose throughout the city.

Hightown could also be seen for miles. The city was never more beautiful than at break of day. West of the Honeywine How and why should oldtown berhad, the Guildhalls lined the bank like a row of palaces.

Upriver, the domes and towers of the Citadel rose on both sides of the river, connected by stone bridges crowded with halls and houses. Downstream, below the black marble walls and arched windows of the Starry Septthe manses of the pious clustered like children gathered round the feet of an old dowager.

And beyond, where the Honeywine widened into Whispering Sound, rose the Hightower, its beacon fires bright against the dawn.

From where it stood atop the bluffs of Battle Islandits shadow cut the city like a sword. Those born and raised in Oldtown could tell the time of day by where that shadow fell. Some claimed a man could see all the way to the Wall from the top.

Perhaps that was why Lord Leyton had not made the descent in more than a decade, preferring to rule his city from the clouds. When I find it I will add it to the comment for this article.

In that year 98 ABElisane Tishar is shown as the Amyrlin Seatthe first to bear that title, one she apparently had held for several years at this point. Many a maester has pondered that question, but we simply do not know. The origins of the city are lost in the mists of time and clouded by legend.

Some ignorant septons claim that the Seven themselves laid out its boundaries, other men that dragons once roosted on the Battle Isle until the first Hightower put an end to them. Many smallfolk believe the Hightower itself simply appeared one day. The full and true history of the founding of Oldtown will likely never be known.

For most of recorded history, this monumental edifice has served as the foundation and lowest level of the Hightower, yet we know for a certainty that it predates the upper levels of the tower by thousands of years. Most maesters accept the common wisdom that declares it to be of Valyrian construction, for its massive walls and labyrinthine interiors are all of solid rock, with no hint of joins or mortar, no chisel marks of any kind, a type of construction that is seen elsewhere, most notably in the dragonroads of the Freehold of Valyriaand the Black Walls that protect the heart of Old Volantis.

The dragonlords of Valryia, as is well-known, possessed the art of turning stone to liquid with dragonflame, shaping it as they would, then fusing it harder than iron, steel, or granite.

If so, did they come seeking trade? Were they slavers, mayhaps seeking after giants? Did they seek to learn the magic of the children of the forestwith their greenseers and their weirwoods? Or was there some darker purpose?

Within, the narrow, twisting, windowless passages strike many as being tunnels rather than halls; it is very easy to get lost amongst their turnings.

Mayhaps this is no more than a defensive measure designed to confound attackers, but it too is singularly un-Valyrian. The labyrinthine nature of its interior architecture has led Archmaester Quillion to suggest that the fortress might have been the work of the mazemakersa mysterious people who left remnants of their vanished civilization upon Lorath in the Shivering Sea.

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How and why should oldtown berhad

In , as a part of the Group’s strategy of capitalizing and reinforcing the company has expanded vertically into the food service sector by opening a chain of café outlets based on the traditional Ipoh coffee shop setting and ambience under the “Old Town White Coffee” brand name.” (, ) “Now, the OldTown Group is.

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