How to write a vote of no confidence letter

Cronin, We, the undersigned Parents of children who are attending or have attended Clintonville Elementary School, have composed this letter to express our dissatisfaction with the current Principal Mrs. Dowling and her ability to run our school. We understand the severity of this decision and did not arrive at it hastily.

How to write a vote of no confidence letter

Parliamentary systems[ edit ] There are a number of variations in this procedure in parliaments. In some countries a motion of no confidence can be directed at the government collectively or at any individual member, including the prime minister. In Spain it is presented by the prime minister after consultation.

Sometimes motions of no confidence are proposed even though they have no likelihood of passage, simply to pressure a government or to embarrass its own critics, who may for political reasons decide not to vote against it. In many parliamentary democraciesthere are strict time limits for no confidence motions: Thus the timing of a motion of no confidence is a matter of political judgement; a motion of no confidence on a relatively trivial matter may prove counterproductive if a more important issue suddenly arises which actually warrants a motion of no confidence, because it cannot be proposed if one had been voted on recently.

Sometimes, the government will choose to declare that one of its bills is a "motion of confidence" in order to prevent dissident members of their own party voting against it. Motions of no confidence in the United Kingdom Traditionally, in the Westminster systemthe defeat of a supply bill one that concerns the spending of money is seen to automatically require the government to either resign or ask for a new election, much like a non-confidence vote.

how to write a vote of no confidence letter

A government in a Westminster system that cannot spend money is hamstrung, also called loss of supply. When the upper house of a Westminster system country has the right to refuse supply, such as in Australia during the events ofthe convention is in a grey area, as Westminster governments are not normally expected to maintain the confidence of the upper house.

Prior toin the British Parliamenta no-confidence motion generally first appeared as an early day motionalthough the vote on the Speech from the Throne also constituted a confidence motion.

India[ edit ] In India, a motion of no confidence can be introduced only in the Lok Sabha the lower house of the Parliament of India. The motion is admitted for discussion when a minimum of 50 members of the house support the motion. If a majority of the members of the house vote in favour of the motion, the motion is passed and the Government is bound to vacate the office.

Acharya Kripalani moved the first-ever no confidence motion on the floor of the Lok Sabha in Augustimmediately after the disastrous India—China War. All the no-confidence motions have been defeated except when Prime Minister Morarji Desai resigned during the discussions on 12 July and most recently no-confidence motion against Narendra Modi's BJP government was accepted by the lok sabha speaker, but was defeated.

If the majority party with an absolute majority in the House issues a whip to party members to vote in favor of the Government, then it is impossible to remove the Government by a no-confidence motion. Hence the no-confidence exercise of House merely becomes the no-confidence exercise of the Party.

A vote of no confidence may be proposed if one tenth of the members of a single house sign the proposition and starting from three days before the appointed date, said vote can be brought into discussion. Following the case of Filippo Mancuso in and the subsequent Constitutional Court sentence in[9] it is possible to propose an individual vote of no confidence against a single minister instead of the whole government.

Germany[ edit ] In Germany[10] a vote of no confidence in the Federal Chancellor requires that the opposition, on the same ballot, propose a candidate of their own whom they want to be appointed as successor by the Federal President.

Thus, a motion of no confidence can only be brought forward if there is a positive majority for the new candidate this variation is called a constructive vote of no confidence.

The Central Advocate: Letter of No Confidence

The idea was to prevent crises of the state such as those found near the end of the German Weimar Republic. Frequently, Chancellors were turned out of office without their successors having enough parliamentary support to govern. Unlike the British system, the Chancellor does not have to resign in response to the failure of a vote of confidence, provided it has been initiated by them and not by the parliamentary opposition, but rather may ask the President to call general elections — a request the President may or may not fulfill.

Japan[ edit ] Article 69 of the Constitution of Japan provides that "if the House of Representatives passes a non-confidence resolution, or rejects a confidence resolution, the Cabinet shall resign en masse, unless the House of Representatives is dissolved within ten 10 days.

Provincial governments may also fall if a motion of no confidence is passed by the legislature or if the legislature fails to pass a confidence measure e. In the consensus government system of the Northwest Territories and Nunavutin which the premier is chosen among and by a vote of the members of the non-partisan legislature, a vote of no confidence removes the premier and cabinet from office and permits the members to elect a new premier.

The House of Representatives currently consists of members; requiring 76 votes in favour of the motion when all members of the House are present.A vote of no confidence may be proposed if one tenth of the members of a single house sign the proposition and starting from three days before the appointed date, said vote can be brought into discussion.

Feb 29,  · vote of no confidence On behalf of the members of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge (FOP Lodge ) and the officers of the Morgan State Police Department, we regretfully write this letter. This letter is an expression of our “Vote of No Confidence” in Mrs.

Dowling and her ability to run our school. We understand the severity of this decision and did not arrive at it hastily. Clintonville has always been a district to be proud of, one of where decisions were made on a collaborative basis with the best interest of our students in mind.

More often than not, no-confidence votes come off to the general public as whining. A chief with a strong media relationship can often spin the vote in such a way to make your association look like a bunch of disgruntled whiners with a personal axe to grind.

Hanford city department heads sent a confidential two-page letter to the Hanford City Council in mid-November expressing a vote of no confidence in City Manager Hilary Straus' leadership.

This letter of no-confidence it to also to state how low the moral is throughout all staff that have to work under this manager as well as none of the employees that work under this manager believe that this manager has the ability to do the necessary tasks.

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