Manage workforce planning essay

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Manage workforce planning essay

An Examination and Application of Current Theory Human resources management has been recognized as an essential aspect of organizational success for many decades, with theories on motivation and worker satisfaction as it relates to productivity forming key elements of academic and practical theories.

Major concerns for most human resources departments include workplace fairness issues, safety and health concerns and procedures, and a variety of other issues that ensure that the organization is meeting all legal and ethical requirements in regards to its workforce, and that this workforce is properly motivated to perform their individual tasks as productively as possible.

Manage workforce planning essay

These issues, however, often overshadow an issue that is at once more mundane than many other human resources management topics but that is also a profound and highly necessary consideration for any sizable organization. The issue of workforce planning -- not simply controlling hiring and firing, but accurately predicting company needs and continually adjusting policy and operations to meet these needs -- is often viewed simply as a by-product of other human resources management function, rather than an operation in and of itself.

Organizations and intra-organizational teams and work groups that do not explicitly and directly take workforce planning needs into account are left with a distinct disadvantage when it comes to ensuring adequate staffing exists while minimizing human resources costs Kellagher Inadequate staffing leads to performance difficulties, lack of operational capacity, and ultimately to reduced output leading to reduced profitability and increased strain on existing human resources Kellagher Over staffing, however, can be equally deleterious for organizations in running up unnecessary costs that do not balance themselves out with increased profitability, productivity, or even utility Frauenheim Especially given the massive job losses over the past two years and the still volatile employment numbers, ensuring that human resource costs do not exceed their beneficial limits while ensuring that adequate staff are in place is a pressing concern for all organizations.

When it comes to the active planning and management of an organizational workforce in both the short and long terms, few companies compare to Google in terms of the efficacy or level of attention paid.

An Overview In just over a dozen years of existence, Google has managed to build itself into an Internet powerhouse, dominating web-based information searches and generating enormous amounts of revenue from its advertising schema.

To that end, the company reportedly uses an algorithm each month to determine which employees are likely to leave the company, and it uses the information generated by this algorithm to make hiring decisions and potentially factors this information into promotion and transfer decisions, as well Chapman That being said, the use of this algorithm shows a definite commitment to rigorous and ongoing workforce planning, something that the company takes as seriously financial planning, according to Setty and other company officers Workforce Management ; Google The incentives such as the on-site cafes, gyms, childcare centers, and abundance of other amenities and perks that Google provides for its employees are all designed to encourage loyalty to the company, and the pay that the company provides is also highly competitive Google All of this is explicitly accomplished by the company in an effort to maintain workforce stability while allowing for adjustment and restructuring as necessary.

The amenities that the company provides makes it clear, however, that cost savings is not its major concern when it comes to human resources, and this is a much more pressing matter for other organizations Kellagher Adjustments to the algorithm, or rather simply developing a parallel alternative method of continuously analyzing and adjusting for staffing and employment needs that takes cost more directly into account, can be beneficial to any organization Kellagher Management of human resource costs is more complex and extensive than merely maintaining the most efficient level of staffing, however.

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Predictions must be accompanied by ongoing calculations and measures of current real costs if they are to be of any use, with simultaneous or near-simultaneous financing of workforce and human resources costs contributing both to accurate accounting and to the success of future predictive measures Jacobs It is the ongoing and adjustable nature of the algorithm that makes it such a useful tool.

Not surprisingly, Google has been a lead innovator in the area of applying computer sciences to the management of human resources and the specific task of workforce planning.

Other companies are now following suit, and workforce planning software is an increasingly common feature in many major organizations and industries Frauenheim Many of the commercial workforce planning software tools that are currently available have significant flaws, especially in terms of long-term planning, but this is due at least in part to the current volatility of the economy overall and the labor market specifically Frauenheim Predictive algorithms and the use of purposeful and ongoing recalculations and recalibrations, however, have still proven more adept at creating efficient workforce plans than older and slower methods of historical workforce analysis.

Any predictive tool can only be as accurate as the information with which the tool was developed and created; without current and accurate information, any such tool will necessarily provide faulty advice.Workforce planning teacher guide Manage Workforce Planning Essay first step in workforce planning is the review of current staff.

Please complete the following table. This leads to the change in Human Resource management which is about workforce flexibility. Workforce planning is the ongoing balancing act that ensures the right individuals with the right skills at right place at the right time, to meet a organization’s current and future objectives (Lepak & Gowan, Manage Workforce Planning Essay first step in workforce planning is the review of current staff.

Please complete. Manage Workforce Planning Essay first step in workforce planning is the review of current staff. Please complete the following table. What steps will need to be undertaken as a result of the review? The number of people in work in the business.

There is not enough staff or there are too many staff and there are not the right type of. 1. The first measure in work force planning is the reappraisal of current staff.

Please finish the undermentioned tabular array. What stairss will necessitate to be undertaken as a consequence of the reappraisal?

The figure of people in work in [ ]. Manage Workforce Planning Assessment Task 1- Written/Verbal Questions 1.

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Situation analysis is also called as foundation of a marketing plan. A situation analysis includes the examination of internal and external factors affecting a business. first step in workforce planning is the review of current staff. Please complete the following table. What steps will need to be undertaken as a result of the review?

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