My future plans as army officer

And no, that does not mean discussing polo, the price of cufflinks, sipping brandy, and thinking of ways to make our NCOs lives harder, as some circles might believe. Any success that I might have as an officer is a direct reflection on the type of mentorship I received from my NCOs. But by and large, the NCOs in my direct supervision have been outstanding.

My future plans as army officer

Staff activities focus on assisting the commander in mission accomplishment. The staff contributes to making and executing timely decisions.

Commanders and staffs are continually alert for opportunities to streamline cumbersome or time-consuming procedures. The following paragraphs discuss activities, responsibilities, and duties common to all staff members.

Staffs continuously provide relevant information RI to their respective commanders on the progress of operations.

My future plans as army officer

This RI helps commanders achieve situational understanding. Staff members inform and advise the commander and other staff members concerning all matters pertaining to their individual fields of interest and related functional responsibilities, specifically on- Capabilities, limitations, requirements, availability, and employment of resources.

Capabilities, limitations, and employment of supporting forces. Directives and policy guidance from higher headquarters. Staff sections prepare and maintain running estimates to help commanders make decisions.

Effective plans and successful execution hinge on current staff estimates. Staff estimates always include recommendations for anticipated decisions. During planning, commanders use these recommendations to select feasible courses of action COAs for further analysis.

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During preparation and execution, commanders use recommendations from running estimates in decisionmaking. Failure to maintain running estimates may lead to errors or omissions that result in flawed plans or bad decisions. Staff members make recommendations to help commanders reach decisions and establish policies.

They also offer recommendations to each other and subordinate commanders. These recommendations are for information and assistance only.

Staff members present recommendations orally or in writing. Presentations may take the form of briefings, written estimates, or staff studies. Whether procedures are formal or informal, staff members carefully analyze and compare all feasible COAs, using the best information available.

They candidly and objectively present alternatives, clearly explaining advantages and disadvantages of each. They are thoroughly prepared to recommend the best COA from the perspective of their individual fields of interest.Federal Human Resources Office (J1/Manpower & Personnel) The Federal Human Resources Office (J1/Manpower & Personnel Directorate) provides personnel support services for the Air National Guard and the Army National Guard.

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The U.S. Army announced Monday that it will replace the current Army Physical Fitness Test with a new, more strenuous fitness evaluation designed to prepare soldiers for the rigors of combat. By. FORT GORDON, Ga. -- Army Cyber Command plans to add more direct commissioned officers after its first two were recently sworn in as part of a five-year pilot to bolster the emerging force.

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