Observer narration paper

University of Southampton Abstract This paper presents the application of, and a discussion about, a new method of information acquisition, the Concurrent Observer Narrative Technique CONTthat requires an expert to narrate the work of experienced colleagues. The method is explored through a case study of instructors in a training simulation environment.

Observer narration paper

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August 02, You head to your polling place, fill out your ballot, and put it in the scanner. If you use a touch-screen voting machine, or assistive technology, what happens when you submit your vote and it flies off into the ether?

The latest generation of machines offer more assurance that your vote counts. Lawmakers and activists say those devices, known as direct-recording electronic voting machines, do not produce a sufficient record. The Secure Elections Act, a bipartisan Observer narration paper to allegations of Russian tampering in the election, has been gaining momentum in the U.

Senate, according to reports from Politico and other news outlets. North Carolina elections board hosted four vendors last week for a public demonstration of voting equipment under consideration for certification.

That came after satisfactory performance during third-party testing and successful operation during a simulated election. A fifth firm, Unisyn Voting Solutions, was scheduled to participate but dropped out in the days leading up to the demonstration.

Observer narration paper

The companies demonstrated a range of equipment which included improvements to security and accessibility. The biggest change in technology is the introduction of ballot-marking devices, according to Veronica Degraffenreid, director of election operations for the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement.

Ballot marking devices provide an alternative to the soon-to-be outlawed direct-recording electronic voting machines.

Observer narration paper

While both allow voters to make their choices on a touch screen — or using assistive technology for voters with disabilities including audio narration, sip-and-puff switches, and other accessible input technology — ballot marking devices then mark a physical paper ballot for the voters which can be checked and is counted just like any other.

At least a third of NC counties still use direct-recording machines, which have been criticized as being less transparent and therefore more vulnerable to hacking. All vendors demonstrated ballot marking devices.

The software packages behind the vote scanning and counting systems from all vendors has also seen improvements. If the machine is unsure about your votes — for example, if too many or too few marks are detected — it will immediately spit out the paper for you to confirm, correct, or spoil and fill out anew.

The vendors demonstrated that after the ballots are scanned in, a digital image of any ballot can be quickly and easily called up, so that the results can be audited. It also allows any errors not corrected by the voter to be adjudicated, a process that varies by county.

Similarly, this round of upgrades comes on the heels of concerns regarding the technology used in the election. State election officials posed questions to each vendor regarding the storage capacity of their machines and counting software.

Some activists present had their own concerns. We have a lot of old machines that just need to be replaced. Before founding the Wake County chapter, he was involved in the North Carolina Coalition for Verified Voting, which pushed for a law which raised the technical standards for voting machines used in the state.

Telesca is still skeptical. If all the computers stop working, you can open up the machine in front of witnesses and and you can sort, stack and tally.

After considering public comments, the board will vote whether to approve each machine. Then, it falls to the counties to decide which equipment to buy. A few voters might see these machines in a limited field test this fall, a part of the county purchasing process, but most will use the new set of machines to pick a new set of officials in the November general election.Latest Observer news, comment and analysis from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice.

Ethics and the Dynamic Observer Narrator: Reckoning with Past and Present in German Literature by Katra A. Byram (review) John B. Lyon German Studies Review, Volume 40, Number 2, May , pp.

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(Review). WriterL A subscription-only listserve focusing on literary journalism. Co-founded by Jon Franklin, author of Writing for Story, and Lynn Franklin, who also moderates the discussion.. River Teeth A biannual journal of nonfiction narrative. The observer's task is to record everything she sees and hears – not to limit the scope of the observation to a predetermined list of issues or topics.

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Context is vital to narrative observations, but there is no room for opinion – positive or negative – or conjecture; narrative observations should be .

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