Pitch perfect movie critique

December 22, Although the Pitch Perfect films have never been strong on narratives or plots, their strength lies in the rapturous a cappella beats of top 40 cover songs and themes of friendship. My full review below. There we see that the Bellas are, once again, not living up to their full potential.

Pitch perfect movie critique

Add your rating See all kid reviews. Her father, a professor, won't let her drop out of college to move to Los Angeles and start her DJ-ing career without having her try college first.

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He ups the ante when he notices Beca spending more time in her dorm room than out on campus, attending classes and getting to know her peers. If she joins one group and gives it her all and still ends the year determined to move, he'll finance it himself.

So off to the Bellas she goes; the Bellas, Pitch perfect movie critique an esteemed all-girl a cappella group, need new members. At the nationals the previous year, the now co-captain, Aubrey Anna Campthrew up onstage, ruining their chances. Then again, the Bellas have always played second fiddle to the Treblemakers, Barden's all-male group; the Bellas' repertoire is steeped in old songs, and they're stale.

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Beca thinks it's time to shake things up, and most everyone else agrees, but Aubrey is firmly in the skeptical camp. Can they make a comeback at this year's nationals? And can Beca keep her mind on the game when the Treblemakers' sweet and talented Jesse Skylar Astin is such a distraction?

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Let's all give a hand for this movie: It's a joy to watch a comedy like this, which wraps you up in belly laughs and catchy songs and makes whatever ails you seem far, far away.

Let's take it from the top: Kendrick is a delight. Not only can she act -- though we knew that already from the wonderful Up in the Air -- she can also sing! Plus, special kudos to Rebel Wilsonwhose subversively awesome Fat Amy won't be forgotten anytime soon.

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In fact, all of the a cappella troupes assembled here or the voices behind them are awesome. Never mind that they're kitschy and earnest and seriously competitive about their craft which, in some circles, is considered decidedly uncool.

The beauty of it is they don't care; they just want to make music. Pitch Perfect pokes fun at a cappella performers of all stripes, but mostly with lots of heart and pride. That said, sometimes the film can't quite seem to decide whether it champions young women which on the whole, it appears to or not.

Pitch perfect movie critique

The fat jokes can be wince-inducing, though Wilson makes them work; the liberal use of the words "slut" and "bitch" to refer to women is also a concern. Still, the most obvious misogynist does get called out, and in a delicious way.I started to have a bad feeling about "Pitch Perfect 3" as soon as the a cappella version of the Universal Pictures fanfare faded away.

The third installment in the popular comedy franchise about. Reprising the kind of musical performances, campus high jinks, stinging humor and sassy sisterhood on display in its eminently likable predecessor, "Pitch Perfect 2" remixes the elements and comes.

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Pitch Perfect 3 Review Movie Review. Pitch Perfect 3 is light on logic or plot, but heavy on humor. The Bellas has ventured into the ridiculous, but the shift may reward open-minded fans looking.

Pitch perfect movie critique

May 08,  · Released in , Universal's Pitch Perfect was a sleeper hit, earning over $ million worldwide and becoming the second biggest comedy musical of all time (just behind School of Rock). Pitch Perfect pokes fun at a cappella performers of all stripes, but mostly with lots of heart and pride.

That said, sometimes the film can't quite seem to decide whether it champions young women (which on the whole, it appears to) or not. Pitch Perfect is full of energy, laughs, good music, and talent, which fulfills a lot of expectations for a $10 ticket.

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