Preschool writing activities february

Saturday, February 11, March Writing Activities and Bossy R Activities March writing activities are a lot of fun because the topics are exciting - kids love writing about leprechauns, pots of gold, and coming up with wishes of their own!

Preschool writing activities february

Kindergarten Stations Pictures and Links Included I get asked a lot of questions about station time in my classroom. What does station time look like? What stations do you have?

What do the children do at each station? How do your students know which station to go to? This blog post should answer these questions and more.

It's long, it's got lots of pictures, and lots of links to the activities I use. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the LONG read! Station time is my favorite time of the day! I change how I run stations pretty much every year because I am always evolving. I get bored of the old way, figure out a new way, and so on, and so on.

When you've been teaching for 20 years, you gotta change it up and keep it fresh. At least I do! I think I love my station procedures the best this year.

But, then again, I'm pretty sure I say that every year!

preschool writing activities february

I have 18 students and I have 5 stations, so each group has 3 or 4 students. I have 2 top groups and the other 3 groups are a mix of on-level and below level students.

I did this so that my below level students will benefit from the wisdom of my on-level students. These are my 5 stations My teacher station is where I meet with small groups. On Friday, I pull students who need me the most. I use these reading comprehension stories a lot!

At the phonics station, the children use open-ended, hands-on activitiesactivity sheets, and interactive notebook activities. There are of them and it comes with an answer key, so this activity is very independent.

These activity cards are also a big part of my phonics station! I also use these activities, as well: Variety is the spice of life!

My students really enjoy these sight word mats. They build the words, write the words, and write sentences, as well. Sometimes, they write a sentence and forget to use one of the words on the mat, but that's okay with me! There are so many different ways to use these mats. My students choose the materials they want to use.

Dry erase markers, letter tiles, letter beads, or alphabet magnets. They also practice writing their words on white boards or paper. I have lots of sight words books that I put out at the station also. Using play-doh to help practice sight words is always a big hit. Having all of these activities on hand, means I never have to scramble to set up stations.

25 Favorite Preschool Learning Themes

My budding writers have lots of opportunities to practice writing letters, words, and sentences. In this photo, my students are writing color words. This pack is loaded with writing activities that kindergarten and first grade students can work on independently.

Writing the Room is always tons of fun too. My students thoroughly enjoy visiting the library. Relaxing with a good book is always tons of fun! My students use these cards during station time.

After a few days of using them, they were able to switch to their next station without help from me.While it’s important to do fine motor activities, also give your child opportunities to practice using writing utensils.

Let them use markers, crayons, colored pencils, dry erase markers, etc. Another tip is to break crayons in half so it’s easier to write with.

February Activity Calendar.

Preschool Lesson Plans - Lesson Plan Template - JumpStart

January | February | March Set up a writing center in your home. Make a valentine list of your child’s friends. Invite some friend over and do some of the activities in the Friendship Unit. Introduce the Letter V. Make a large letter V for your child to cut out.

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We've been working hard on our reading, writing and math skills. Here's some fun activities we've been using and will continue to use throughout the month. Some fun math printables from my February Print and Go {it is also included in my Winter bundle if you already own that, you already have these!}.

We have a preschool name writing activity that really pops!. In fact some might say it’s a popping good time and very popular with the kids Okay, enough with the puns, onto the fun! There is nothing more empowering as a young learner than learning your own name.

Our preschool programs and curriculum provide children with opportunities to integrate listening, speaking, early reading, and writing into daily activities such as: .

President's Day Preschool and Kindergarten Activities, Games, and Crafts.. Children celebrate President's Day by learning about the lives of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington through felt stories, rhymes, literacy activities, money concepts, games, and more.

6 Pre-Writing Activities for Kids