Rencontre internationale differee

The case was launched upon official complaint by Batman Gendarmerie HQ. According to the complaint the defendants allegedly insulted security forces and also tried to affect judiciary. Public Prosecutor in Diyarbakir launched a court case against Vedat Kursun, owner of the daily Azadiya Welat, in connection with the photos and news appeared on the paper on 13, 14, 17, 19 March.

Rencontre internationale differee

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Abstract Nine hundred cases of post-traumatic stress disorder syndrome PTSD have been identified these last ten years within the French army corps This pathology described since Antiquity, was the object of famous works by military psychiatrists Barrois, Crocq, Lebigot.

The various armed conflicts of the last years saw the fighters suffering from psychic wounds further to the fights. For their treatment, a psychic trauma plan builds a way to military care starting from the battle zone.

Rencontre internationale differee

This consideration of the PTSD by the Ministry of Defense is essential in the process of acceptance of the wound by the soldier and in his her process of reconstruction.

Indeed it gives a sign of gratitude and solidarity to the wounded person. But, this global treatment can be partially or totally interrupted if the subject leaves the army or if he or she wishes to quit and his family wants him to quit the military institution, fearing an unfavorable valuation of his aptitude.

In this case, the soldier and his family can be made a break by symptoms which can appear years after the initial trauma, not knowing towards which healthcare professional they can be addressed.

Policemen, firemen, diplomats, customs officers, staff of the NGO can, during their functions, be exposed to a traumatic event. The current event demonstrates unfortunately that the exposure in the trauma can take place as much on the national territory as abroad, and thus concern a very important number of people belonging to very different circles.

The civil offer of care is heterogeneous and not always visible for a not warned public. Every ministerial structure develops its own model of care.

The treatment of PTSD becomes de facto interministerial, and both a civil and a military matter. In fact, managing crises requires multidisciplinary competences. Therefore, an interministerial PTSD reference Center under the guidance of the Ministry of Defense would be a very well structured and adapted response to the issue, with an territorial implantation of military and civil specialized professionals well knowing incidences of maintaining in the army or reinserting in the civil word.

This center would be federative of an innovative approach to assure the continuity of treatments.

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It would allow to develop a common doctrine on the psychic trauma from the exchanges of experts. Previous article in issue.ABSTRACT. The author looks at two themes in the writings of four African scholars: E. Bolaji Idowu, John Mbiti, Okot p’Bitek and Kwame Appiah.

She surveys their ideas about the existence of truth and of a High God. For each theme, she outlines the.

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Rencontre internationale differee

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