Research paper service oriented architecture

However, no empirical studies have been conducted toverify the claimed benefits. This study is a first attempt at presenting empirical evidence regarding the benefits of SOA.

Research paper service oriented architecture

Concepts are often noun-like in that they identify things or properties that we expect to see in realizations of the architecture, similarly relationships are normally linguistically verbs. As with any large-scale effort, it is often necessary to structure the architecture itself. We do this with the larger-scale meta-concept of model.

A model is a coherent portion of the architecture that focuses on a particular theme or aspect of the architecture. For example, the message concept identifies a class of object not to be confused with Objects and Classes as are found in Object Oriented Programming languages that we expect to be able to identify in any Web services context.

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The precise form of a message may be different in different realizations, but the message concept tells us what to look for in a given concrete system rather than prescribing its precise form. Not all concepts will have a realization in terms of data objects or structures occurring in computers or communications devices; for example the person or organization refers to people and human organizations.

Other concepts are more abstract still; for example, message reliability denotes a property of the message transport service — a property that cannot be touched but nonetheless is important to Web services. Each concept is presented in a regular, stylized way consisting of a short definition, an enumeration of the relationships with other concepts, and a slightly longer explanatory description.

For example, the concept of agent includes as relating concepts the fact that an agent is a computational resource, has an identifier and an owner. The description part of the agent explains in more detail why agents are important to the archicture. Grammatically, relationships are verbs; or more accurately, predicates.

A statement of a relationship typically takes the form: For example, in agentwe state that: An agent is a computational resource This statement makes an assertion, in this case about the nature of agents. Many such statements are descriptive, others are definitive: Conversely, any system for which we cannot identify the sender of a message is not conformant to the architecture.

Even if a service is used anonymously, the sender has an identifier but it is not possible to associate this identifier with an actual person or organization.

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A concept map is an informal, graphical way to illustrate key concepts and relationships. For example the diagram: Concept Map shows three concepts which are related in various ways. Each box represents a concept, and each arrow or labeled arc represents a relationship.

The merit of a concept map is that it allows rapid navigation of the key concepts and illustrates how they relate to each other.

Research paper service oriented architecture

It should be stressed however that these diagrams are primarily navigational aids; the written text is the definitive source. Although different models share concepts, it is usually from different points of view; the major role of a model is to explain and encapsulate a significant theme within the overall Web services architecture.

For example, the Message Oriented Model focuses and explains Web services strictly from a message passing perspective. In particular, it does not attempt to relate messages to services provided. The Service Oriented Modelhowever, lays on top of and extends the Message Oriented Model in order to explain the fundamental concepts involved in service - in effect to explain the purpose of the messages in the Message Oriented Model.

Each model is described separately below, in terms of the concepts and relationships inherent to the model. The ordering of the concepts in each model section is alphabetical; this should not be understood to imply any relative importance.

For a more focused viewpoint the reader is directed to the Stakeholder's perspectives section which examines the architecture from the perspective of key stakeholders of the architecture. The reason for choosing an alphabetical ordering is that there is a large amount of cross-referencing between the concepts.

As a result, it is very difficult, if not misleading, to choose a non-alphabetic ordering that reflects some sense of priority between the concepts. Furthermore, the optimal ordering depends very much on the point of view of the reader. Hence, we devote the Stakeholders perspectives section to a number of prioriterized readings of the architecture.

However, the presence of a concept in this enumeration is a strong hint that, in any realization of the architecture, there should be a corresponding feature in the implementation.

Furthermore, if a relationship is identified here, then there should be corresponding relationships in any realized architecture.ASPLOS The 23rd ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, March 24th – March 28th, Williamsburg, VA, USA.

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