Review of related literature about virgin coconut oil

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Review of related literature about virgin coconut oil

International Olive Council building The International Olive Council IOC is an intergovernmental organisation of states that produce olives or products derived from olives, such as olive oil.

The EU regulates the use of different protected designation of origin labels for olive oils. Department of Agriculture adopted new voluntary olive oil grading standards that closely parallel those of the IOC, with some adjustments for the characteristics of olives grown in the U.

Customs regulations on "country of origin" state that if a non-origin nation is shown on the label, then the real origin must be shown on the same side of the label and in comparable size letters so as not to mislead the consumer.

Commercial grades[ edit ] A bottle of Italian olive oil. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message All production begins by transforming the olive fruit into olive paste by crushing or pressing.

This paste is then malaxed slowly churned or mixed to allow the microscopic oil droplets to agglomerate. The oil is then separated from the watery matter and fruit pulp with the use of a press traditional method or centrifugation modern method.

After extraction the remnant solid substance, called pomacestill contains a small quantity of oil. To classify its organoleptic qualities, olive oil is judged by a panel of trained tasters in a blind taste test. One parameter used to characterise an oil is its acidity.

Phenolic acids present in olive oil also add acidic sensory properties to aroma and flavor. Virgin means the oil was produced by the use of mechanical means only, with no chemical treatment. The term virgin oil with reference to production method includes all grades of virgin olive oil, including Extra virgin, Virgin, Ordinary virgin and Lampante virgin olive oil products, depending on quality see below.

Lampante virgin oil can be used for industrial purposes, or refined see below to make it edible.

Review of related literature about virgin coconut oil

The refining process removes colour, odour and flavour from the olive oil, and leaves behind a very pure form of olive oil that is tasteless, colourless and odourless and extremely low in free fatty acids. Olive oils sold as the grades extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil therefore cannot contain any refined oil.

It is then further refined into Refined Olive Pomace Oil and once re-blended with virgin olive oils for taste, is then known as Olive Pomace Oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest grade of virgin oil derived by cold mechanical extraction without use of solvents or refining methods.

Refined olive oil is virgin oil that has been refined using charcoal and other chemical and physical filters, methods which do not alter the glyceridic structure.This literature review summarizes in vivo and in vitro studies of virgin coconut oil (VCO), lauric acid, capric acid, monolaurin, and other fatty acids as microbicides against bacteria, fungus, and viruses that cause dermal infections.

Virgin coconut oil retains a distinctive flavor and odor of coconut, whereas refined coconut oil is tasteless and odorless. Virgin coconut oil retains more nutrients than refined coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is more expensive despite being less processed. Refined coconut oil goes bad faster than virgin coconut oil.

For cooking, especially frying, the smoke point or refined coconut oil is around °F ( °C), which is . Cocos nucifera is commonly known as a coconut palm and literally has hundreds of uses but is most well known for the products of its fruit, such as coconut meat, coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut oil.

The various products of coconut include tender coconut water, copra, coconut oil, raw kernel, coconut cake, coconut toddy, coconut shell and wood based products, coconut leaves, coir pith etc. Its all parts are used in someway or another in the daily life of the people in the traditional coconut growing areas.

We recommend Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. It would work well as a deodorant but can also be used for oil pulling, skincare, and hair care. It would work well as a deodorant but can also be used for oil pulling, skincare, and hair care.

Did you know that the Mob makes money hand over fist by selling you fake olive oil?Olive oil is a $ billion industry in the United States alone. According to Tom Mueller, an intrepid journalist who wrote a scandalously revealing book on the subject, 70% of the extra virgin olive oil sold is adulterated — cut with cheaper oils.

Apparently, the mob’s been at it so long, that even most so.

Virgin Coconut Oil Beats Drugs in Treating Alzheimer’s