Senate race

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Senate race

The last time a Democrat was elected to an open Senate seat in this conservative western state wasthe year Sinema was born. Sinema won the race by roughly 1.

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McSally initially held the lead after election Senate race. Following the midterm elections, Republicans hold the majority in the Senate by a margin of 51 to 47, with two races yet to be called: Sinema, who began her political career as a Green party activist and Senate race one of the most liberal members of the state legislature, embraced a far more centrist posture in the federal government.

Senate race

When she arrived in Congress inshe joined the conservative Blue Dog coalition and was the first Senate candidate to declare that she would not support the minority leader, Chuck Schumer, if she were elected.

She will also make history as the first openly bisexual member of Congress. The political battle for Arizona tells a story of America's changing demographics Read more McSally, who represents a swing congressional district in Tucson, was dragged to the right by her Republican primary opponents, the former state senator Kelli Ward, and the former Maricopa county sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

A onetime critic of the president who refused to say whether she had voted for him, McSally embraced Trump and moved sharply to the right on issues of immigration. Both dogged by their political realignments, Sinema and McSally ran sharply different campaigns.

Sinema, who faced no real primary challenge, emphasized her independence and did not call herself a Democrat in her campaign ads. She courted Republican voters with a message singularly focused on healthcare.

On Monday night, Sinema said: I wish her success. For decades Arizona had eluded Democrats even as the state grew increasingly diverse.

Her election could significantly shift the battleground map ahead of as Democrats turn increasingly toward the diverse sun belt states like Arizona. Elsewhere inDemocrats fiercely contested races in Florida, Georgia and Texassome of which have yet to be called.

These victories stand in stark contrast to the Democratic losses this cycle: But the former senator made clear that he does not intend to serve untilwhen an election for the seat will be held.Polls of Tennessee's U.S.

Senate race have shown wildly different results at times. In July, a poll from Survey Monkey for the website Axios had Blackburn with a point lead at the same time an. The chart below provides a spectrum that analyzes the vulnerability (the chances of the seat switching parties) of the Senate races up this cycle.

When Evan Bayh entered the race to fill the open seat left by Republican Dan Coats retirement, I was pretty sure the Democrats would earn a takeover here. They still may, but recent polling shows Republican Todd Young performing very well.

In fact, the last three polls have pegged the race at +2 for Bayh, tied, and, just today, Young +5. Republican Ted Cruz leads Democrat Beto O'Rourke 41 percent to 36 percent in the general election race for a Texas seat in the U.S. Senate, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas.

Sep 21,  · Washington House race is about Trump, whether the candidates like it or not In Arizona Senate race, a battle over political evolution Photos: Puerto Rico still recovering 1 .

Their race is one of the nation's most closely watched races and among a handful expected to decide which party controls the Senate, where Republicans hold a advantage. Photo by Laurie.

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