Should it be legal to buy

Next How should it be legal to buy used guns without a background check? First, let the record show I am a libertarian and oppose pretty much any and all gun control. That being said, there is one idea I can't comprehend, and that is the ability to buy a used gun without a background check. Let's look at the logic here with an analogy.

Should it be legal to buy

Should it be legal to buy

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Switchblades!? Since when has this been allowed? Well, in the United States, the answer is "since sometime around YouTube "How'd you cut your finger?

Seeing as how they're essentially the same thing, this prompted several states to loosen their restrictions on the switchblades your grandparents knew and loved.

That doesn't mean they're completely legal everywhere. Several states still ban them completely.

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This is information I expected to find somewhere on the uniqueblade. A big, flashing warning that residents of Michigan can't buy switchblades, or something along those lines.

Instead, I only found this: Continue Reading Below Advertisement Given their recent epidemic of subway face-slashings, putting the kibosh on knives in New York City strikes me as a good idea. But shouldn't there be a few more restrictions listed? Speaking of which, there's another terrifying weapon of yore that's all of the sudden shockingly legal-ish again I'd always been told they were illegal, despite also owning a set for a while as a teen.

They looked like they were homemade, and I'm still not percent sure where they came from, other than that they were just laying around the house one day.

My grandfather was a cop, and he liked to bring shit home -- which also meant that I had ready access to a four-inch-high stack of mostly black-and-white crime scene photos for a few years as a kid.

Should it be legal to buy

So a set of brass knuckles really wasn't that startling of a find. As mentioned previously, they looked like they were made by a dude who did blacksmith work on the side out of his garage on weekends.

They also kind of looked like maybe it was a skill he picked up in prison. They might have been bunk bed frame metal, for all I know. I was just absolutely positive I would never want to get hit in the face with something like that.

I mean, given a choice, I'd take just never getting hit in the face at all, but I accept that it's bound to happen someday. When it does, I really don't want that fist to be wrapped in rings of solid metal. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Maybe it was the DIY feel of the set I owned that had me falsely assured that brass knuckles were mostly a thing of the past.

I had my "cage rattled" -- to paraphrase noted scientist B. While I share his sentiment on the tobacco issue, what caught my attention more than anything else was the assortment of brass knuckles down there in the bottom-left corner. I understand that they aren't made of brass, but they still look plenty capable of destroying a face.

When did stuff like that become so easy to find?

Is it ever right to buy or sell human organs?

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Well, for one thing, my understanding of the illegality of brass knuckles was a little off. Turns out they're barely regulated at the federal level, but are indeed outlawed in some states.

Several sellers skirt the law by labeling them as novelty paper weights or belt buckles. State laws apparently mean nothing online, though, because a quick search turned up a site called brassknucklescompany.

There's no "belt buckle" shit here. They say so right on the site. There's also a plastic version, presumably for when you need to beat some ass at a place with metal detectors. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement As for those restrictions that are supposed to keep a person from owning this kind of thing in various parts of the country, this site approaches the issue in much the same way as the knife site from the last entry.

NYC-based switchblade buyers welcome!Child pornography should definitly not be legal to sell and buy. It will be child abuse, because I'm 99% sure child pornography is made by older people.

It is gross and unacceptable. Also, because it is illegal to have sex with children as an adult and pornography is close to having actual sex. Grassley: It Should be Legal to Buy Cheaper Prescription Drugs from Other Countries Senator Sponsors Bill to Ensure Safety of and Timely Access to Lower-priced Pharmaceuticals WASHINGTON — Sen.

Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Committee on Finance, today introduced a bill that would make it legal for U.S. consumers to buy safe prescription drugs from other countries. Criminals have no legal or financial incentives to minimize the damage their product may cause.

Only when an industry is legal can it be regulated for the protection of the consumer: lawsuits pressed, insurances required, quality tested, fines levied, age limits enforced, zoning and taxation, etc. While state laws allow for religious head dressings that don’t cover any areas of the face, the state found the headgear to be satirical and not religious.

A senior legal advisor for the state said that wearing the headgear was a form of free speech, but so is giving the finger, which also isn’t allowed for a driver’s license photo. In short, you have some thorny legal and accounting issues here.

If you’re determined to move forward, be sure to get sound professional advice so that you’re protected. Aug 29,  · The concept is simple: Make selling sex legal but buying it illegal — so that women can get help without being arrested, harassed or worse, and the criminal law is used to deter the buyers.

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