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Welcome to Etz Hayyim Synagogue, Hania Until Etz Hayyim was a desecrated house of prayer that remained the sole Jewish monument on the Island of Crete after the destruction of our Jewish community in

Synagogue site visit

Dohany street great synagogue Photos 1. The synagogue was named after the street, but it is also known as the great, or main synagogue. It is among the top 10 sights of Budapest.

Synagogue site visit

This is the actual synagogue bulding. The wing with the arcades on the left pic 1 houses the Jewish Museum, attached to the great synagogue later, in The twin towers shine in their original glory after the restauration that took place in the late '90s.

The clocks on top of the Dohany Synagogue don't work. The onion shaped domes with gilded ornament of the Dohany Synagogue are the main reason why it looks like an oriental, Moorish building.

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Having been the first synagogue made in this style, it was so successful, that synagogues built later around the world were often designed in the same style. This is a roof photo, taken from the apartment block opposite the synagogue.

On top of synagogues we can see stone tablets with the commandements. The special red brick pavement has been decorating the square in front of the Dohany synagogue since Andrassy avenue and its environs 7th district, Elisabethtown - the Jewish Quarter became part of the World Heritage.

Visitors passing by or entering the building are usually focusing on the building itself, never noticing the Menorah they are entering on.

The wing of the Hungarian Jewish Museum added to the Dohany synagogue building in has the same architectural design, however the facade hides two buildings.

The steps of the synagogue main entrance are always crowded with visitors. Detail of the Dohany synagogue entrance with rich decoration carved into the stone gate. Eight-pointed stars decorate the whole building of the Dohany street synagogue. Oriental-Byzantine decoration makes the Dohany synagogue so unique.

Due to the special Moorish influence, many think at first sight that the Dohany synagogue is in fact a mosque.

Synagogue site visit

Above the main entrance gate of the Dohany synagogue the inscription in Hebrew: Next to the entrance on a pillar the inscription in Hungarian: Rose window above the entrance of the Dohany temple. Rare rose window of the Dohany synagogue made of stainted glass. Stainted glass window on the rear of the Dohany synagogue, detail.

Opening hours / days Ultimately, the Torah became flesh and dwelt among us.
The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue History[ edit ] The Jewish community of Rome goes back to the 2nd century B. C when the Roman Republic had an alliance of sorts with Judea under the leadership of Judah Maccabeus.
Welcome to our Shul - Central Synagogue This evil cabal is few in numbers but, like a deadly octopus, its tentacles reach out to grip and strangle untold multitudes of innocent victims.

Row of arcades leading from the Dohany synagogue to the Jewish Museum. A photo can not present the impressivness of the interior when one steps inside the temple.

The galleries have a special role in this Neolog synagogue, they were meant to separate women from men. Nowadays however, ladies who attend the services sit downstairs, in the two side rows of the isle.

Interior, view of the massive chandeliers and the Ark. Behind the Ark of the Dohany synagogue a huge organ is hidden. Occasionally the Dohany synagogue is home to excellent organ concerts, Franz Liszt himself played on the opening ceremony, nowadays Xaver Varnus can be heard sometimes.

Would you like to If yes, then we suggest you participate in one of the Jewish Quarter guided tours we offer.The synagogue is the Jewish equivalent of a church, more or less. It is the center of the Jewish religious community: a place of prayer, study and education, social and charitable work, as well as a social center.

Pleasantville Community Synagogue in New York's Westchester County is a welcoming Jewish community connecting people of diverse traditions and backgrounds who want to share a joyous spiritual and cultural home.

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Photos 1. The Dohany street Synagogue and the Hungarian Jewish Museum are in the same building. The synagogue was named after the street, but it is also known as the great, or main synagogue. It is among the top 10 sights of Budapest.

The Great Synagogue of Rome (Italian: Tempio Maggiore di Roma) is the largest synagogue in Rome. Permanent exhibition at Jerusalem Synagogue. The new exhibition, “The Jewish Community of Prague from to the Present Day”, presents the hitherto unknown post-war history of the Jewish Community of Prague, using unique photographs and documents and documentary films.

It captures key moments in the existence of the Jewish Community of Prague from the end of the Second World War to the. News Of Mikveh Israel: Docents are available to give tours of Mikveh Israel daily.

Come see our history. We are located in Center City Philadelphia close to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center.

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