Thesis on wind energy conversion system

Introduction Despite 50 years of development experience, fundamental questions remain unanswered.

Thesis on wind energy conversion system

The concept was originally derived in ecology and has been transferred to analyse human industrial society. This marks the edge of The Net Energy Cliff and it is clear that new Green technologies designed to save humanity from CO2 may kill humanity through energy starvation instead.

Fossil fuels remain comfortably away from the cliff edge but march closer to it for every year that passes. The Cheetah symbolises an energy system living on the edge. I had never contemplated the concept before and I was immediately struck by its importance.

If we used more energy to get the energy we need to survive then we will surely perish. But recently I have received this via email from Nate: A new tier of people are aware of EROI but it is still very fringe idea?

Are we wrong to believe that ERoEI is a fundamentally important metric of energy acquisition or is it simply Thesis on wind energy conversion system the work done to date is not sufficiently rigorous or presented in a way that economists and policy makers can understand.

At this point I will cast out a bold idea that money was invented as a proxy for energy because ERoEI was too complex to fathom. On the grand scheme of things: Before asking the IEA or whomever to start using ERoEI, the community producing these estimates must come down to a common, accepted methodology for its assessment.

Thesis on wind energy conversion system

And while I disagree with Luis on a number of issues, on this statement I totally concur. So what has gone wrong? Professor Hall points out that it is not the concept that is at fault but non-rigorous application of certain rules that must be followed in the analysis.

But in fact humans produce very little energy, but what distinguishes us from other species is that we have become very efficient at gathering energy that already exists and building machines that can convert the energy to goods motor cars, televisions and computers and services heat and light and mobility that collectively define our wealth.

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This began by gathering fire wood and food and progressed to gathering coal, oil and natural gas. This led to gathering U and Th and learning how to convert this to enormous amounts of thermal and electrical energy. And now we attempt to gather solar energy through photovoltaics, wind turbines and liquid biofuels.

The prosperity of humanity depends upon the efficiency with which we gather energy. These were so rich and large that energy virtually spewed out of them for next to no energy or financial investment.

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But these supergiant deposits are now to varying degrees used up. And as global population has grown together with expectations of prosperity that are founded on energy gathering activities, humanity has had to expand its energy gathering horizons to nuclear power, solar power and energy from waste.

And it is known that some of the strategies deployed have very low ERoEI, for example corn ethanol is around 1 to 2 [2] and solar PV between 1 and 5 [2,3] depending upon where it is sited and the boundaries used to estimate energy costs.

Thesis on wind energy conversion system

Low ERoEI is expected to correlate with high cost and in the normal run of events investors should steer clear of such poor investment returns. But the global energy system is now dictated by climate concern, and any scheme that portends to produce energy with no CO2 is embraced by policymakers everywhere and financial arrangements are put in place to enable deployment, regardless of the ERoEI.

Net Energy Net energy is the close cousin of ERoEI being the surplus energy made available to society from our energy gathering activities.

It is defined simply as: We use as much energy to gather energy as energy gathered. If ERoEI falls below 1 we end up with an energy sink.

Low ERoEI systems are effectively energy conversions where it may be convenient or politically expedient for us to convert one energy carrier into another with little or no energy gain. Corn ethanol is a good example where fertiliser, natural gas, diesel, electricity, land, water and labour gets converted into ethanol, a liquid fuel that can go in our cars.

The graph has become known as the net energy cliff, following nomenclature of Nate and others. Figure 1 The Net Energy Cliff shows how with declining ERoEI society must commit ever larger amounts of available energy to energy gathering activities.

In red is the balance being the energy used to gather energy.The Energy Return on Energy Invested (ERoEI or EROI) of any energy gathering system is a measure of that system’s efficiency. The concept was originally derived in ecology and has been transferred to analyse human industrial society.

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iii Abstract In this thesis, a grid-connected wind-energy converter system including a matrix converter is proposed. The matrix converter, as a power electronic converter, is used to interface the induction.

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The research projects at the PES cover a wide range of application areas and all basic forms of power electronic energy conversion. Alizadeh, Omid, "Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems for Large-Scale Integration with the Power System" ().

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