Thesis on world englishes

In that time, he has taught nineteen graduate courses ranging from teaching methodology to educational statistics. His primary research interests are in the areas of foreign language vocabulary learning and teaching, and foreign language assessment.

Thesis on world englishes

In some areas it is known as the native tongue, in other countries, for instance in Germany, it is regarded as a second and global language. There are cases though in which the English language serves a different purpose, namely works as a political way Thesis on world englishes express certain themes.

In many former British colonies the English language was introduced and indoctrinated on the native people as the language of government, police, business and law.

Of course, there were other native languages before the appearance of the British and there still remain local dialects and tongues today. Nevertheless through time the sharp lines between local dialects and the language of the government have vanished. This process of development or melting of two languages, that is English and one local language of the old inhabitants of the place is often referred to as Pidginization and Creolization in literature.

Pidgins are believed to be the first step of the development from a very simple basic language to a more complex one with native speakers through Creolization in later stages. The final step for a language that has been going through this assimilation process would be linguistic independence, to be regarded as a separate and individual World English.

Also, there are World Englishes that never were Pidgins or Creoles at any time. Irish English for instance simply followed a melting process of Gaelic and English, but at no point one could talk about an Irish Pidgin English.

The difference is quite obvious. In Pidgins like the ones cited above language tends to be simple and not very structuralized whereas through a melting process as in Ireland language basically remains on a high level of linguistic features.

In the first case the new language was simply adopted by the locals and over time more and more used in daily speech. In the Irish example on the other hand features of the new language were slowly mixed with the native tongue and the other way around. And of course there are a lot more similarities between Gaelic and English than there are between Indian Hindi or African Swahili and English.

Thus it is quite difficult to say whether a language that is regarded as a World English today can be seen as being more complicated or as being simpler than Standard British English.

The first question one has to ask is in what linguistic regard the specific World English is more complex or simpler. If you look at Phonology and Morphology it is obvious to mark many differences between even the two main English variants British and American English.

Of course, these differences are important and certainly classify an American in England and a Briton in the US. But on the other hand it is basically not possible to provide an overview about all the phonological differences and similarities throughout the World Englishes on only 60 to 80 pages.

Thus in this paper I am going to try to limit my research to grammar and syntax. Once or twice I will also quickly refer to phonetic features if it is necessary to understand certain grammatical features.

Thesis on world englishes

Taking grammar and syntax might as well be more interesting. As we have seen in the example above with British and American English it is not hard to find diversity in phonology.TEFL Tips: from CV and cover letter tips, to working in Europe, to what the best country is, and more!

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Thesis on world englishes
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