Using a metaphor in an essay

It is said, for instance, that a metaphor is 'a condensed analogy' or 'analogical fusion' or that they 'operate in a similar fashion' or are 'based on the same mental process' or yet that 'the basic processes of analogy are at work in metaphor'. It is also pointed out that 'a border between metaphor and analogy is fuzzy' and 'the difference between them might be described metaphorically as the distance between things being compared'. A metaphor asserts the objects in the comparison are identical on the point of comparison, while a simile merely asserts a similarity. For this reason a common-type metaphor is generally considered more forceful than a simile.

Using a metaphor in an essay

These hidden metaphors shape the way you think about the world and affect your behavior. They do this quietly, often subversively, and always powerfully.

This post is influenced by their work along with an essay from C. Lewis discussing the necessity of thinking metaphorically. If our thinking is true then the metaphors by which we think must be good metaphors - CS Lewis This post is to encourage you to uncover the secret metaphors embedded in your thoughts that shape who you are.

What are Metaphors A metaphor is a way to compare two things. If I said this to my wife I would not mean that she is literally the place where I reside. It is a comparison.

Metaphors Create Meaning and Define Reality Metaphors go beyond saying what something is literally and begin to tell you why that thing matters. My wife is a person with whom I can unwind, rest, or retreat.

Metaphors not only create meaning but they define your reality. Accepting a metaphor makes you focus in on the things that the metaphor highlights and ignore other aspects. Metaphors, even if they are not true, can become self-fulling prophecies. Most astonishingly is this - our metaphors will change our behavior.

Embedded in this phrase is a conceptual metaphor that an argument is a path. It is nice to think about an argument as a path. Paths are very utilitarian. Two people can take a path together. We can blaze new trails. When Metaphors Compete However, there is a competing metaphor more prevalent in our language which is argument is war.

These two metaphors - argument is a path and argument is war - compete with each other.

Using a metaphor in an essay

Following or creating a path can be cooperative.The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

Catachresis is an extravagant, implied metaphor using words in an alien or unusual way. While difficult to invent, it can be wonderfully effective: I will speak daggers to her. --Hamlet [In a more futuristic metaphor, we might say, "I will laser-tongue her."Or as a more .

Practice Using Similes and Metaphors. Here's an exercise that will give you some practice in creating figurative each of the statements below, make up a simile or a metaphor that helps to explain each statement and make it more vivid.

Essay on Metaphor Criticism: A Black Man And The Vehicle Is The Top This would explain why passengers who entered the leg via the north leg saw construction workers wedging the last triangular piece of the arch.

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This is a chance to play with language which students rarely get, but it still meets the requirements for expository writing; ultimately, they will need to explain the metaphor.

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